PRA and FCA feed back on accountability

PRA and FCA have published several papers on the SMR, SIMR and accountability standards. FCA’s supervisory review of the SMR highlights its views that firms have, in general, engaged well. It gives detailed feedback, separately, in respect of UK banks and building societies, branches from both inside and outside the EEA, and credit unions. It is also consulting on proposals to apply its conduct rules to all NEDs in the banking and insurance sectors, on whistleblowing in UK branches of overseas banks, on remuneration in CRD IV firms, and has published a discussion paper on overall responsibility and the legal function. It also published its policy statement on regulatory references.  PRA has also fed back its views, including new instruments and feedback on regulatory references, and strengthening individual accountability with further proposals for change. Like FCA, it is consulting on whistleblowing in UK branches and on its expectations on remuneration, while publishing its policy statement on buy-outs of variable remuneration.

Emma Radmore