House of Commons looks at legislating for Brexit

The House of Commons Library has published a report looking at how many EU laws are directly applicable in the UK (around 5,000), and will therefore cease to apply in the UK once the European Communities Act 1972 is repealed, unless other provision is made for them. The Government says the so called “Great Repeal Bill” will make provision for existing EU law and obligations to be “converted” into UK law “wherever practical”.  So these laws will have, somehow, to be “saved” into UK law until there is a final decision on what to do with them following the Brexit negotiations.  Separately, another report looks at how the UK has implemented EU Directives through primary and secondary legislation. The repeal of the European Communities Act will affect some, but not all, of these. The paper annexes around 7,900 statutory instruments which have implemented EU legislation.

Emma Radmore