Commission consults on CMU action

The European Commission has published a consultation document on the CMU action plan in connection with its planned mid-term review. The consultation provides an opportunity for stakeholders to provide targeted input to update and reframe the programme of actions required. Among actions that the Commission is keen to identify are those that strengthen non-bank sources of finance for innovative companies and EU businesses with high-growth potential, those that make it easier for companies to enter and raise capital on public markets and those which facilitate cross-border investment. The paper updates on current progress on the key initiatives and asks:

  • whether additional actions could contribute to fostering financing for innovation, start-ups and non-listed companies;
  • whether more policy measures or actions could make it easier for companies to enter and raise capital on public markets;
  • what else could contribute to long-term, infrastructure and sustainable investment;
  • how additional measures can be added to to foster retail investment;
  • what else can be done to contribute to strengthening banking capacity to support the wider economy; and
  • what will better foster cross-border investment.

The short consultation ends on 17 March 2017 and the results will feed into the mid-term review of the action plan in June 2017.

FIN. Team