FCA makes new rules

FCA’s latest Handbook Notice summarises various instruments made at the end of September and October:

  • the Overdrafts (Information and Tools) Instrument 2019 takes effect on various dates to 6 April 2020, and contains measures to improve transparency and raise awareness on firms’ charging structures;
  • the Mortgages (Regulatory Reporting) Instrument 2019 takes effect on various dates to 1 April 2021 ;
  • the Conduct of Business Sourcebook (Retirement Outcomes Review) (No 2) ;
    Instrument 2019 took effect partly on 1 November and the rest will take effect on 1 January and make changes to the rules on open market options and the annuity prompt;
  • the Supervision Manual (Reporting No 11) Instrument 2019 takes effect on 31 January 2020; and
  • the Fees (Miscellaneous Amendments) (No 14) Instrument 2019 took effect on 31 October.



Emma Radmore