EBA reports on industry readiness for SCA

The EBA has published a report on data provided by PSPs on their readiness to apply strong customer authentication (SCA) for e-commerce card-based payment transactions. Despite PSPs in some jurisdictions lagging behind in enabling SCA, overall the data reveals significant progress over the past 9 months in complying with the requirements. For instance:

  • 99% of EU merchants are able to support SCA
  • 94% of all payment cards in the EU are SCA-enabled
  • 82% of all PSUs are enrolled into an SCA solution
  • 92% of e-commerce card-based authentication requests reported by acquirers are compliant with the SCA requirements
  • 87% of initiated e-commerce card-based payment transactions reported by issuers are compliant with the SCA requirements.

The PSPs involved also reported a significant reduction in fraudulent e-commerce card-based payment transactions over the same period.

Lucy Hadrill