FCA publishes regulatory initiatives grid

The Financial Services Regulatory Initiatives Forum (FSRIF) has published its most recent biannual regulatory initiatives grid. The grid is designed to enable the financial services industry and other stakeholders to understand and prepare for forthcoming initiatives over the next 24 months.

The new initiatives in the grid include those relating to:

  • HM Treasury’s review of the UK’s overseas framework;
  • incident, outsourcing and third-party reporting in operational resilience;
  • a joint discussion paper on artificial intelligence;
  • use of machine learning in UK financial services;
  • PSR account to account rules and standards;
  • consultation on reforming the BoE’s regulatory perimeter governing systemic payment firms; and
  • HM Treasury reforms to financial promotions exemptions.

The FCA has also published the grid in the form of an interactive dashboard to allow users to interact with the underlying data, which has also been published in its raw form.

Users are encouraged to provide the FSRIF with feedback on the grid to inform future publications.

Harshil Patel