LSB speaks on customer outcomes in outsourcing

Emma Lovell, Chief Executive of the LSB, has spoken on the top risks LSB sees in outsourcing and the steps that firms can take to achieve fair outcomes for customers.

She focused on:

  • due diligence and oversight: she stressed that firms must be sure before outsourcing that not only is the selected partner ready and able to deliver the services but also that they themselves have the right processes in place to ensure that any customers who should not be outsourced are not;
  • encouraging customer contact and engagement: customers may be wary of sharing details that could help them get importaqnt information, and firms should work to make customers aware of the general support available to them, and not just focus on scam awareness; and
  • the value of effective training, signposting and regular reviews. She noted the key importance of the soft skills of agents, so those who speak to customers can be sensitive to their concerns.


Emma Radmore