FSMB amendment paper published

In advance of the FSM Bill starting its report stage on 7 December, the House of Commons has published an updated version of the amendment paper which lists all amendments tabled to the Bill together with any withdrawn amendments.

The tabled amendments include:

  • amendments to place additional requirements on the FCA and PRA to report on their objectives, including an assessment of financial stability and proposed future improvements;
  • requiring cost-benefit analyses to include assessments of the risk of economic crime;
  • creating the Financial Regulator’s Supervision Council to provide independent scrutiny and oversight of the FCA’s work and fulfilment of its duties and responsibilities, particularly its consumer protection objective;
  • requiring individuals and organisations undertaking activities within the remit of the FCA and PRA to owe a duty of care to consumers;
  • requiring the PRA and FCA to report on ways in which they have promoted and incentivised green finance and green investment;
  • broadening the investment duties of trust-based pension schemes and FCA-authorised personal pension providers to require specific investors to make investment decisions in the “best interests” of beneficiaries.

Lucy Hadrill