Parliament to debate crypto regulation

A debate on the regulation of cryptocurrencies is set to take place on Wednesday 25 January, led by Dr Lisa Cameron. The House of Commons has published the debate pack which sets out the issues and topics which will be addressed.

A number of regulatory developments have taken place in relation to crypto and digital assets in the past year, the latest being the Economic Crime and Corporate Transparency Bill adding references to cryptoassets to criminal and civil asset recovery powers.

The debate will include discussion of:

  • Background to cryptocurrencies and cryptoassets;
  • The government’s plans for the future;
  • How to consumers can be protected;
  • Registration of cryptoasset businesses;
  • Regulation of stablecoins; and
  • Current / recent consultations and potential future consultations.

The debate pack contains press articles and links to further reading materials.

Nicola Radford