PRA consults on rule review

PRA is consulting on its proposed approach to reviewing its Rulebook, as required by the FSM Act.

Rule review is a well-established part of PRA’s existing approach to policy making, and consists of four key steps, as set out in its proposed statement on rule reviews. PRA invites responses on the statement, and in particular, asks:

  1. What type of information should PRA be collecting to inform its reviews?
  2. Do you have any views on how PRA prioritises and select rules to review?
  3. Do you have views on how PRA select review methods?
  4. Do you have views on the channels for stakeholders to engage with PRA on rule reviews?
  5. Do you have views on the way PRA communicates its ongoing reviews and outcomes of past reviews?

The consultation closes on 29 September 2023.

Laura Wiles