EBA supervisory colleges 2018 Report published

The EBA’s report sets out its findings on the monitoring of supervisory colleges in 2018.

It noted in particular that AML and counter terrorism financing is increasingly on the agendas of the supervisory colleges’ meetings; and supervisory colleges are encouraged to keep this topic on the agenda, and in group risk assessment and SREP reports.

Furthermore, it noted that further efforts are expected from both home and host supervisors to enhance group risk/ liquidity risk assessment reports: EBA observed that in some cases such reports tend to be a compilation of the findings and assessments of NCAs rather than a real joint assessment of group-wide risks.

The report also includes the 2019 Colleges’ Action Plan.  This describes the main tasks for supervisory colleges in 2019 as including:

  • organising and establishing timelines for the joint decision cycles envisaged by CRD IV and BRRD
  • reaching joint decisions on capital and liquidity
  • reaching a joint decision on the assessment of group recovery plans, measures to address impediments to these plans and the need for individual recovery plans covering entities of the group.

Emma Radmore