ASA publishes further ruling on delayed payment services

Continuing the flurry of rulings against delayed payment service ads, ASA published a further ruling on 26 May, this time against a claim appearing on the Laybuy UK website.

Text on the website stated: “… tell us a bit about yourself so we can do a secure credit check – it’s quick and doesn’t impact your credit score”. Laybuy Holdings UK Ltd acknowledged that the claim had been posted in error and had been removed before being notified of the complaint. Notwithstanding that, and understandably, ASA ruled against Laybuy, as it considered that consumers would interpret the claim to mean that before using Laybuy’s service they would be subject to a credit check, and that credit check would not result in any material change to their credit report score. While ASA welcomed Laybuy’s assurance that the claim had now been removed from their advertising, because it had not seen any evidence that Laybuy’s credit checks would not impact consumers’ credit scores at the time the claim was made, it concluded that the claim “doesn’t impact your credit score” was misleading in breach of CAP Code Rule 3.


Emma Radmore