UK Government publishes proposals for a new AI rulebook

The UK Government has published its plans to regulate the use of AI which aim to to develop consistent rules that promote innovation.

The approach is based on six core principles that regulators must apply, with flexibility to implement these in ways that best meet the use of AI in their sectors. The core principles require developers and users to:

  • Ensure that AI is used safely;
  • Ensure that AI is technically secure and functions as designed;
  • Make sure that AI is appropriately transparent and explainable;
  • Consider fairness;
  • Identify a legal person to be responsible for AI; and
  • Clarify routes to redress or contestability.

The proposals focus on supporting growth and avoiding unnecessary barriers being placed on businesses. This could see businesses sharing information about how they test their AI’s reliability as well as following guidance set by UK regulators to ensure AI is safe and avoids unfair bias.

Instead of giving responsibility for AI governance to a central regulatory body, as the EU is doing through its AI Act, the UK government’s proposals will allow different regulators (including the FCA) to take a tailored approach to the use of AI in a range of settings.

Harshil Patel