ASA rejects complaint on Over 50s ad

The ASA has not upheld complaints about 2 advertisements for Cover Today over 50s insurance.  The ads both featured statements that Cover Today is “the only over 50s life insurer with no waiting period, unlike other insurers who could make you wait up to two years. With Cover Today you’re fully covered day one”.  What this meant was that Cover Today is the only insurer that will cover death from day 1. Other insurers might cover accidents from day 1 but would impose a waiting period for death. The insurer said it was clear the comparison related to full cover and did not imply that other providers offered no immediate cover and that the ads focused on the unique feature of not having to wait to make a claim regardless of the cause of death.  This was true. The ASA did not uphold the complaints, considering that viewers would understand both ads to mean the the insurance would give immediate cover for death by any cause and that the insurer was the only UK insurer to do so. It said the reference to being “fully covered” would mean consumers would likely understand that other insurers may give some cover immediately.

Emma Radmore