FOS blogs on consumer card protections

FOS has published a blog on how businesses can help consumers who have problems with goods and services. It has noticed that consumers aren’t always aware of the protections they have when paying for goods or services using cards or credit. It thinks firms could do more to explain more clearly how the s75 and chargeback processes work, which in turn may minimise the number of complaints about card and credit provision that come to FOS. To help, it has updated its guidance for firms on:

  • the types of goods and services in the complaints it sees – often involving quality or non-delivery of the original goods and services, and the bank saying it’s not liable or failing to pursue chargebacks
  • when chargeback and s75 CCA might apply and how – it particularly notes how complex chargeback rules are and that banks could do more to explain them. FOS says firms should explore both chargeback and s75 possibilities even if the customer does not specifically mention them
  • what FOS expects to see from firms handling a chargeback or s75 claim
  • information FOS will ask for when it gets a complaint
  • what FOS will look at when deciding whether the firm acted fairly


Emma Radmore