FCA speaks on “future-fit” workforce

Emily Shepperd of FCA has spoken on what firms need to be doing to make sure they get and keep the right talent which can respond to new events and different methods of working. She looked at the need to unlock talent across the UK and spoke of how financial services professionals could excel at their jobs while enjoying a life outside London. She gave FCA as an example of an organisation opening and growing offices in various parts of the UK.

She spoke also of the importance of inclusive cultures and the need for firms to articulate their purpose as well as having enthusiastic policies. She moved on to discuss the regulators’ consultations on D&I and noted that, while the financial services has a good level of ethnic diversity at senior level there are marked differences between ethnic groups, which the proposals look to address. She said the regulators will report back later this year.

Finally, she discussed the increasing uses of data and the need to embrace AI and to consider the opportunities and the challenges it offers.

Emma Radmore