FCA updates Form A

The FCA has made some changes to Form A which it hopes will improve the application experience. Among other things, the new look form:

  • removes duplication of employment history by simply requiring 10 years of employment history, but not also a CV (except for dual regulated firms, where the PRA will continue to need a CV);
  • adds new questions on right to work in the UK, previous names on the Register, and time spent on activities and where relevant across directorships;
  • integrates the Statement of Responsibilities into the Form A; and
  • removes the “send later” function, so the FCA gets everything it needs from the start.

The FCA hopes the navigation and new layout of the form will also be easier for firms to work with. The new form is available for all standalone applications. Any Form A submitted in conjunction with, for instance, an authorisation or variation application, or an appointed representative application, will still take the old form, but the FCA will work to gradually update this.

Emma Radmore