Treasury Committee publishes FCA information request

The Treasury Committee has published a letter sent to Nikhil Rathi on 1 December, asking for details on:

  • total vacancies FCA has in specific areas, by grade, job and which ones require data or technology skills;
  • how FCA ensures new joiners are quickly trained without impacting its service standards or other performance metrics;
  • why FCA originally set its service standards for approved persons and AR approvals and why it wants to change this – and also whether changing to easier targets could undermine FCA’s broader approach to using metrics to measure performance;
  • when FCA became aware of potentially unauthorised promotions of Blackmore Bonds and what it has done about it;
  • an update on figures of how many professional bodies have now implemented an effective risk based approach to AML supervision;
  • what analyses FCA has done about how current and economic forecasted conditions could affect mortgage holders, what is has done and is doing about mortgage prisoners and the potential impact of higher mortgage rates on them;
  • what progress has been made in the Woodford investigation and whether action against any other firms or individuals is expected; and
  • how the introduction of the Consumer Duty feeds into FCA’s three year strategy.

It requested a response by 14 December.

Emma Radmore